About me

Hello, my name is Sanja, a Croatian beauty, fashion and lifestyle blogger obsessed with coffee, cats, roses, everything pink, marble or rose gold.  
After more than 6 years online, my passion for makeup and everything pretty is still going strong and this website will continue to grow with all of your pretty hearts beside me. 
Why red rose avenue? Because red roses are the symbol of love. And this blog is a lovely avenue of roses filled with love towards the world, towards you.

Red Rose Avenue features product reviews, makeup tips,  beauty looks or everything new in the beauty or fashion community. My makeup collection is growing by the day and I'm always on the hunt for the perfect pieces to add to my wardrobe. Also, I'll try loads of DIYs with you, healthy snacks and meals and even videos in close future.

I always hope to inspire the readers of Red Rose Avenue to create a beautiful life for themselves so let's grow together and let's make this lovely journey last for the lifetime. 

If you want to change, choose love – and makeup!